Wet Paint

After 14 years online, cosmacelf.com finally received some long-overdue remodeling. The little website I set up to support the TinyELF emulator for the Palm OS grew bit-by-bit until it became tedious to make even simple changes to the hand-coded HTML. Adding a gallery page was time consuming after all the related navigation on other pages was updated, and that took the fun out of the process and resulted in a lot of procrastination. Then the iPhone and iPad paved the way for a host of small screen browsers, and there is nothing kind that could be said for how cosmacelf.com looked on those devices.

The revamped site is built using a Mac program called Sandvox that should take much of the tedium out of managing it. I’m using a design called Flexor Responsive from Blueball Design, which is supposed to be mobile-friendly (as Google is becoming rather insistent on — rightly, I think).

The bad news is that any deep links to pages in the site almost are certainly broken; folders and even file names have changed. If you linked to something at cosmacelf.com, please check and see if your link can be updated to a current page.

Most of the content should be migrated by now, but please let me know if you notice something important missing or if the site behaves strangely.

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