New COSMAC ELF Group Owner

Earlier today I posted this announcement to the COSMAC ELF Forum:

It's been about 18 years since I started the cosmacelf group as a support forum for a Palm OS based ELF emulator I'd written. For something that began as a lark, I think it's been wildly successful, but from the very first posts the group owed its success to its members' contributions. The creations and discussions here continue to amaze and delight.

You are the heart and soul of this forum, and as long as you're here, the group will continue to thrive -- even if "here" changes, as it has, twice.

Against that backdrop, it is a relatively small thing to announce that I am turning ownership of the COSMAC ELF group over to Josh Bensadon, effective immediately. Josh has been a contributor almost from the start and one of the group's first moderators. He is brilliant and kind and enthusiastic about technology, and I believe this group could not be in better hands. Please welcome him and support him in the new role.

I'll continue to run the sporadically maintained website, and I will continue promoting the group there. I also expect to stick around here as a member.

I'm thrilled to have played a role in the genesis of this group. I hope it has been a source of inspiration and the seed of new friendships, and I hope that it continues to be so for years to come.

Thanks for inspiring me,
Dave Ruske

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