Welcome to the COSMAC ELF website, home of the TinyELF emulator, and a museum exhibit of sorts for computers based on the 1802 microprocessor.

Did you miss the Vintage Computer Festival? Read all about the extensive COSMAC exhibit and browse the 2014 galleries.

Message Board

Built any good computers lately? Share your experiences! Visit the Message Board and tell us about your ELF.

1802 Documents

Enjoy this collection of documentation and old document scans, from 1802 technical data to microcomputer advertisements. We even have Tom Pittman's "A Short Course in Programming," the complete Ipso Facto newsletter archive, and Questdata newsletters.

Software Archive

New to the COSMAC ELF site, this software archive is small but will grow in the months ahead. We even have TMSI's version of Tom Pittman's Tiny BASIC now online!


Is it old technology or modern art? You decide. View pictures of 1802-based computers, then contribute your own!

TinyELF for the Palm OS & OS X

Don't have an ELF? Emulate one on your Macintosh computer (OS X 10.3+) or your Palm OS handheld with the TinyELF freeware.

History of 1802 Microcomputing

Take a brief tour of computers based on the 1802, from 1976 through the early eighties.


Think this is the only COSMAC ELF site on the web? Not by a long shot. Have a look...

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