These days, people from all corners of the world can come together instantly in web-based communities. In the 1970s, the world was much different; even electronic bulletin board systems accessed through modems wouldn’t take off for several years. Instead, geographically diverse groups shared their knowledge through mailed newsletters, and having one show up in your mailbox was always a little exciting. What new ideas awaited?

Lucky you, you denizen of the digital world. Dozens of newletters just arrived in your web browser. Enjoy!

Ipso Facto

The Association of Computer Experimenters produced 48 issues of the Ipso Facto newsletter over its 9 year run. Even just browsing the contents, its easy to see the progression of increasingly sophisticated articles, and an eventual decline as interest waned in the mid-1980s.


Quest Electronics, creator of the Super ELF computer, published this newsletter to help their customers explore their machines and share their ideas.

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