Cristian Arezzini's Membership Card

Cristian Arezzini contributed the photo below. According to Cristian, “It’s mostly stock, with few minor modifications (like a different RAM chip, and an added set of jumpers for the I/O port). But I tried to make is as compact and 'friendly-looking’ as possible, so I left no dangling wires or such. Admittedly the system to hold the tins together is pretty crude, I have to think of something better!”

He also writes that he “added a ‘deep-sleep’ switch to the lower tin (the top one contains the electronics, the lower one holds the batteries). When in deep sleep, the machine uses less than 1 uA, and only about 0.05mA in wait and reset modes, and 2.5mA in load and in run mode.”

Membership Card assembled into dual Altoids tins by Cristian Arezzini.

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