Herb Johnson’s VCF East 9.1 Exhibit

Herb Johnson of retrotechnology.com was kind enough to provide a few COSMAC 1802 related photos from the Vintage Computer Festival East 9.1.

Herb writes that these are from his “exhibit of COSMAC and 1802 products (also early Intel products) at Vintage Computer Festival - East 9.1 at MARCH/InfoAge in Wall NJ, April 4-6 2014. COSMAC items from my collection plus items from Bill Degnan,  Kyle Owen, Flash Corliss. Also shown is a MicroTutor originally from the Sarnoff (RCA) Museum and now from The Sarnoff Collection at The College of New Jersey.”

For complete coverage of this exhibit, visit Herb’s web page that “shows and describes the items; discusses the mid-1970's, before and during the first use of microprocessors by engineers; and compares these early products to later (and better known) personal video/gaming computers.”

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